Frozen Seafood

Cooked shrimpBlack tiger shrimpWhite shrimp
Peel and deveined shrimpBroken shrimpHead on shrimp
Headless shrimpWhole fish tilapiaSmelt fish
Swai fish filletSea bassSilver fish
Polock fishFish ballsRex sole
Whole cuttlefishU5 SquidSquid tube
CalamariWhole scallopsBroken pieces scallops
Green half-shell MusselsWhole white claimsCrab claws
Snow crab meatImitation crab stickImitation carb chunk
ConchJelly fishFrog legs
Dry squid

Frozen Beef

Beef eye roundBeef unclean eye roundBeef brisket
Beef tendonBeef book tripeBeef honeycomb
Beef knucklesBeef shoulder clodBeef flap meat
Beef bonesBeef slice meatBeef flank steak
Beef c/s flank Beef x/l flankBeef balls
Ground beefBeef rib eyeBeef tri-tip
Beef shin shankBeef chuck tenderBeef spleen
Beef tenderloinOxtail

Frozen Pork

Ct pork buttBoneless pork buttPork chops
Pork spareribsPork neck bonesPork femur bones
Pork fatPork belliesPork ears
Pork stomachPork cushion meatPork baby back ribs
Pork rib stripsPork ribletsPork loin center cut
Pork loin miscutPork button bonesPork lard
Pork hockPork feetHam

Frozen Lamb

Lamb shouldersLamb legsLamb rack
Whole goat

Frozen Poultry

Chicken legsChicken jumbo leg meatChicken thighs
Chicken breastChicken wingsChicken midpoint wings
Chicken carcassChicken gizzardsChicken quarter legs
Chicken feetChicken pawsWhole chicken roaster
Chicken drumsticksChicken drummettChicken game hen
Stewing chickenChicken baking henChicken wogs
Head on duckHeadless duckDuck quarter legs
Duck legsDuck breast Duck tongue

Fresh Produce

Green onionsYellow onionsRed onions
Spinach Lemon Lime
China ginger Carrots Jalapenos
Mints Basil Tomatoes
Lettuce Cabbage Green Leaves
String beans Peeled garlic Reb bell peppers
Green bell peppers Peas (frozen) Peas and carrots (frozen)


Sugar Salt Black pepper
White pepper Hotel flour Potato Flour
Cornstarch Kikkoman soy sauce Oyster sauce
Condensed milk Sriracha sauce Shrimp paste
Crab paste Cooking wine Vinegar
Club soda Coconut milk Bread crumbs
Peanut butter Salad oil Corn oil
Creamy oil Sesame seed oil

Dry Products

Vermicelli 22 Rice paper 31 Rice paper
Pho Bun Bo hue Menlo wrapper
Won ton noodle Egg noodle Peanuts


To go containers To go sandwich boxes To go soup container
Plastic forks Plastic spoons Plastic knives
Napkins Paper towels Toilet paper
Bags Check books Wooden chopsticks

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